Digital-X for All

Regardless of who you are, the ultimate goal of a rendering is help sell your design.  Anyone in business knows how critical the first impression is toward success.  The rendering you present to your client needs to portray thoughtfulness, accuracy, and quality... the first time.  With 20 years of experience, Digital-X knows how to turn your concept into a visual sales tool that is effective, persuasive, and powerful, and will enhance and strengthen that first impression. 

Digital-X for Architects and Developers

Architects and Developers require the support of many organizations for their projects to be built successfully.  Project owners, local municipalities, investors, builders, end users, and neighboring communities all need to quickly and clearly visualize and understand the project.  At Digital-X, our top priority is to provide our clients with "true-to-life" imagery that accurately portrays their designs and serves as an effective and persuasive tool that helps move projects along in an efficient manner. 

Digital-X for Interior Designers

Visualization for interior spaces brings with it the extra challenges of realistic lighting and attention to detail.  With 20 years of experience, Digital-X is able to create extraordinarily realistic interior renderings.  With a solid understanding of the dynamics of both natural and artificial light and camera exposure, interior volumes are brought to life.  And since visualization is as much an art as it is a science, we have the ability to fake or exaggerate different aspects of an image to achieve the desired effect.  Equally important are the many details which occupy the space.  Beginning with furniture, millwork, fixtures, and accessories, Digital-X has a vast library of 3D objects ready to drop into a scene.  And if a piece needs to be custom made we have the skills to model just about anything.  Finally, these objects are produced not only with a high level of detail, but their materials and finishes are crafted to closely mimic the behaviors of their real-world counterparts.  One great benefit of incorporating 3D renderings into the workflow is that the quick feedback serves as an excellent design tool, allowing the designer to make revisions along the way before purchasing various items, colors, or materials.

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