Question 1- How much will my project cost?

Some businesses will advertise a set price per rendering.  This is a poor business model because in most cases that means you're either over-paying or that studio will reduce the quality level of their work to make that price profitable.  Every project is unique and deserves individual attention, so I do not have any set pricing structure.  Generally speaking, the more information you can provide, the more specific a quote I can offer.  Sometimes a higher conservative quote is all that is needed for my clients to complete a proposal.  For an accurate estimate, I will need to review all relevant drawings (plans, elevations, etc) and have a definitive scope of work.  I'm also happy to offer a ballpark quote in the absence of this information.  The majority of single perspective projects (for architectural work) fall between $1000-$2000.  However, I strongly urge you to request a quote as there are many factors to consider, and that average may not apply to your project at all.  Please visit the "Contact" page for information on how to contact me.

Question 2- How fast can you deliver my renderings?

Project turnaround is dependent on two things- the size of your project scope and the number or projects I currently have in the queue.  I do everything I can to meet deadlines, though sometimes it's not a realistic objective for me and I can refer you to a number of other reputable artists.  That said a typical turnaround is somewhere between 5-10 business days.  Again, please contact me so we can discuss your project.

Question 3- Will I get to see progress of my rendering(s)?

Yes, absolutely.  In most cases, my clients will see at least 2-3 progress images during the process.  It's also typical that I will have questions where information is missing, requiring your feedback.  Or I may be interested in your artistic direction. 

Question 4- Are changes included in your price quote?

If you specifically ask for an allotment for changes ahead of time, yes.  Truthfully, this is a bit of a gray area.  It will also depend on when the change request is made.  Some changes are quick and simple to make, in which case I'm happy to oblige freely.  However, if the change requires a significant amount of time, or if the "simple and quick" changes become too numerous and the accumulated time becomes significant, I will let you know that the requested task(s) are deserving of an additional fee. 

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