Our Process

Our Process

The workflow at Digital-X is simple, flexible, and painless.  We know your time is valuable, so we do our best to answer our own questions, solve problems, and minimize the time you spend collaborating on renderings.  Our process is outlined below in four simple steps.

We begin by collecting the minimum amount of information needed to determine the scope, price, and timing for your project.  Often, this can be done with PDF documents without having to track down cad files.


Once the proposal is approved, we begin collecting more detailed documents and drawings.  This usually includes cad drawings from the architects, landscape drawings, and all colors and finishes.  Sometimes, not all information is available at the start of a project, so we begin with what we have and collect any delayed information as soon as it becomes available.  Some projects may require a deposit payment which will be due at this time.

We begin at our earliest opportunity.  We prefer that you join us on our online collaboration platform so that we can efficiently share progress images and ask or answer questions along the way.  You will be well-informed as we proceed from start to finish, and have ample opportunity to provide feedback.

Once we come to final approval on each of the deliverables, we will render all images at whatever resolution is appropriate for your needs.  At the time of delivery, we will hand over files in your preferred format, and invoice you for any remaining balance due.

Upgrade your visuals and your conversion rates.