Build a Dynamic Future with 3D Floor-plans

On the surface, the difference between a 2D floor plan and a 3D architectural rendering might seem simplistic: a 2D plan only gives prospects a top-down view of a property- like a blueprint. A 3D rendering, however, uses detailed photorealism to depict a true-to-life vision of a given space. In today’s changing world, that one extra dimension can make all the difference. 

As 2D floor plans often fall short in appealing to the evolving needs of renters, we will explain how 3D graphics assists potential tenants with decision making and leads to improved conversion rates. 

Experience the Difference of an Immersive Model  

3d floor plan renderingTraditional blue-print style floor plans simply cannot answer some of an apartment seeker’s most pressing questions, like: How does furniture fit in this space? How are these rooms lit? Does the décor suit my tastes? Can I picture myself living in this space?

2D plans can only be viewed from a top-down angle, causing viewers to often misunderstand the actual experience of the space. 3D rendered perspectives, however,  display the entire unit from a bird’s eye viewpoint, allowing potential renters to visualize themselves actually living in the space. Use our hyper-realistic 3D renderings to show off your property by vividly depicting details like color, lighting, and furnishing.

Not that 2D plans are a bad thing, but if this is all that is displayed on your website and it’s not paired with a quality 3D rendered plan, it’s telling your prospects that the property is dated and not up to the current standard.  Digital-X can help bring your marketing visuals up to date, so that your clientele advance to the next step in the buyer’s journey.

3D VR Tours Revolutionize the Walk-Through

The gig-economy and the new world of tech labor have irreversibly altered the schedules of renters across the globe. Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5, Monday-Friday office job. Today’s professionals need flexible options that fit their ever-changing schedules, but many apartment-hunting Americans are finding that leasing offices don’t accommodate their needs. 

From 2016-2018, over 40% of U.S. adults decided not to tour an apartment because they couldn’t schedule a time that worked. Another 30% reported that they attempted to visit a leasing office, only to find it closed or unable to book them. Whatever the reason, many interested renters who want to see the inside of a property simply can’t get a walk through.  This can cause big problems for property owners. Furthermore, the era of social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult to organize in-person walk-throughs. So what now? 

These uncertain times call for innovative solutions.  Our virtual reality 3D tours allow renters to explore apartments by moving from one room to another and seeing a full 360 degrees from each viewpoint.  These tours can be viewed on standard computer monitors, mobile devices, and VR headsets for the most immersive experience.  The latter is truly incredible!  And of course, all can be done without scheduling conflicts or exposure to potential health hazards.

To engage your audience, you must capture their attention and get them excited about the life they could have.  Digital-X can help make your properties more competitive, and it may even cost less than you think.  Contact us to chat about your new or existing property.  

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