Crafting the Canvas of San Artes: A Case Study of Collaborative Excellence

Project Case Study with Mark-Taylor Residential

A Strategic Start

In a testament to the power of effective collaboration, Digital-X and Mark-Taylor Residential embarked on an intricate journey to bring the architectural vision of the San Artes project to life. Led by Principal Architect Rob Orme and our team at Digital-X, this month-long engagement resulted in the creation of meticulously crafted digital renderings.

The project was initiated with a clear strategy: focusing on the color scheme of a select few building elevations before extending it to the entire project. This thoughtful approach was well-received by our team, who believed in the value of iterative design and frequent client feedback.

With the preliminary civil CAD and PDF files provided by Rob, our team gained an in-depth understanding of the project’s topography and landscape plans. This data was crucial in accurately reflecting the architectural vision of San Artes in our renderings.

Attention to Detail and Constant Collaboration

The process was marked by a meticulous attention to detail, with an active exchange of ideas, designs, and constructive feedback. Rob’s critical eye led to significant aesthetic enhancements, including important adjustments to the body color and roof tile saturation, bringing the design closer to the envisioned ideal.

The dialogue was not just confined to colors and details. It also encompassed technical aspects like perspective drafts and elevation updates, ensuring every angle of San Artes was rendered with the utmost precision.

Bringing San Artes to Life

As the project unfolded, updated resources were consistently provided for review, and no stone was left unturned in ensuring all elements, including specific building features like pop-outs, were accurately incorporated. Rob’s unwavering commitment to precision and his invaluable feedback played a critical role in refining our work.

The email thread concluded on a high note, with a robust exchange of ideas on the project’s final design elements. The San Artes project serves as a compelling testament to Digital-X’s commitment to quality, adaptability, and collaborative excellence, transforming architectural visions into tangible digital realities.


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