The Finest Art in the Known Universe: A Proud Milestone for Digital-X

Embracing the Opportunity

Expose Book - Front and Back Covers
Front and Back Covers of Paperback Issue

This remarkable book, subtitled “The Finest Art in the Known Universe,” holds a significant place in the world of 3D computer-generated imagery. Showcasing artwork from the most talented 3D artists worldwide, it was a unique venture. We, at Digital-X, take immense pride and humility in having multiple images published in both the first and second editions of this prestigious publication.

In 2003, we discovered that the founders of were accepting submissions for this groundbreaking book. Recognizing the opportunity, we decided to submit a selection of our recent projects. Upon reviewing the submission criteria, we knew this publication would be truly impressive.

A Remarkable Achievement

Leather-bound edition cover
Cover for Limited Release Leather binding edition.

To our astonishment, not only did we have one image accepted but FOUR, including one representing the Architecture category. The meticulous effort put into group similar images for optimal page composition, and careful attention to color schemes and styles was evident. It ensured that each spread had a harmonious and cohesive appearance.

Expose Book page 5
Page 5 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)

The book itself became a work of art, complementing the extraordinary content it showcased.

Beyond the Page – The Legacy of the Publication

The first volume’s limited edition leather-bound hardcover, with only 999 copies in print, is worth noting. These editions are highly sought after today, with only two available on Amazon for $550 each. However, the book extends beyond architectural renderings. It encompasses various genres of the CG industry, including Architecture,

Expose Book - Page 22
Page 22 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)

Character in Repose, Character in Action, Environment, Mechanical, Still Life, Transport, and Visual Effect.

The imagery across these categories is awe-inspiring, ranging from practical and photo-realistic renderings to captivating visions that surpass the boundaries of imagination. Browsing through this book is a true delight, as it invites contemplation of the creative process behind each and every image.

A Continual Source of Pride

We continue to take immense pride in the inclusion of our images, while humbly appreciating the remarkable work showcased in the Architecture category. This involvement with “The Finest Art in the Known Universe” remains a proud milestone in our journey at Digital-X.


Expose Book - Page 28
Page 28 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)



Expose Book - Page 34
Page 34 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)

Expose Book - Page 153
Page 153 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)

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