City of the Future, rendering

Digital-X in Exposé


That’s the subtitle for the book, and while that’s a pretty big claim and quite debatable, for 3D computer generated imagery, this book was basically the first of it’s kind and showcases artwork from some of the finest 3D artists from all around the world.  Needless to say, I’m very proud and humbled to have several images published in both the first and second editions of this incredible publication.

Expose Book - Front and Back Covers
Front and Back Covers of Paperback Issue

So this is going back a few years, 2003 actually, and when I found out the founders of were taking submissions for this new book I thought it’d be worth the effort to send in a few of the projects I had worked on in recent times.  When I read through the submission criteria I knew it was going to be an impressive publication.  When I found out that I got not one, but FOUR images (one of which was selected to represent the Architecture category) accepted into the book I was completely blown away!  The editors went through a painstaking process to not only group similar images for best page composition, but took into consideration the coloring and style so that each spread had a composed and cohesive appearance.  The book itself is as much a work of art as the content inside.  Additionally, for the first volume they printed a limited edition leather bound hard cover (999 printed).  On a side note, today these are very hard to find, but I did see that there are two available on Amazon for $550 each!  In any case, the book is not just architectural renderings, it is a collection of many genres of the CG industry- Architecture, Character in Repose, Character in Action, Environment, Mechanical, Still Life, Transport, and Visual Effect.  The imagery throughout each of these categories is absolutely stunning!  They range from very practical and photo-realistic renderings to imagery that is beyond many of our wildest fantasies.  It really IS a treat to sit and browse through this book and wonder what went into the creation of each and every image.  To this day I am very proud of the images selected for inclusion, but I am humbled when I look at many of the others in the Architecture category.


Leather-bound edition cover
Cover for Limited Release Leather binding edition.
Expose Book page 5
Page 5 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)
Expose Book - Page 22
Page 22 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)

Expose Book - Page 28
Page 28 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)



Expose Book - Page 34
Page 34 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)

Expose Book - Page 153
Page 153 (Digital-X rendering outlined in yellow)