Collaboration in Action: Bringing the Palms at Town Center to Life

Perspective rendering of Building 3 at the Palms at Town Center apartments. Project by Housing Trust Group.The partnership between Digital-X and the Housing Trust Group (HTG) led to a successful collaboration, showcasing our ability to adapt, communicate effectively, and deliver high-quality results.

HTG, envisioning their new multifamily project, Palms at Town Center, contacted us to turn their ideas into visually appealing 3D renderings. HTG’s Vice President of Development, Jake Zunamon, reached out with their architectural Revit models and a clear requirement – five detailed renderings showcasing their vision.

To ensure the accuracy of our work, Aerial perspective rendering overlooking the Palms at Town Center apartments, with surrounding context. Project by Housing Trust Group.we requested the most recent drawing set from HTG, including an explicit landscape and planting plan. This requirement for detail laid the foundation for our collaboration with Fugleberg Koch, the architectural firm involved in the project.

Our interaction with Fugleberg Koch was a significant part of the process, with Rajiv Ramakrishnan providing necessary CAD files, 3D models, and texture bitmaps. His contributions helped us immensely in developing the comprehensive visuals HTG desired.

Perspective rendering of Building 2 at the Palms at Town Center apartments. Project by Housing Trust Group.As we worked on the project, discussions about color schemes, revisions, and further details became an integral part of our routine. Our proactive approach to gather all required information ensured we received the missing elements from Fugleberg Koch, including essential texture bitmaps and color swatches.

Perspective rendering of the Clubhouse at the Palms at Town Center apartments. Project by Housing Trust Group.In response to Jake’s request for revisions to the clubhouse and outdoor amenity area, we demonstrated our dedication to meeting the client’s needs, reinforcing our commitment to achieving the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

This project epitomizes the power of collaboration and effective communication in delivering exceptional results. By integrating our expertise with HTG’s vision, we successfully brought the Palms at Town Center project to life, affirming Digital-X’s role as a trusted partner in creating high-quality marketing visuals.

Twilight perspective rendering of Building 1 and 2 at the Palms at Town Center apartments. Project by Housing Trust Group.

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