How To Order Multifamily Real Estate Renderings

You have almost everything you need: You have a gorgeous property, with top notch amenities, in a stellar location. You have targeted an audience of prospects, and you’re ready to start selling. Now, all you need are quality renderings to represent your property to potential leads. To start selling out your property, you need to know how to order multifamily real-estate renderings. The process of getting started with ordering multifamily renderings can be daunting, but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you begin the process of ordering architectural renderings for your multifamily property. 

Start Early With Proposals

real estate renderingsThe earlier you get a head start with ordering your multifamily renderings, the better. The sooner you can start creating marketing materials with top-quality 3D renderings of your space, the sooner you can start turning leads into prospects, and prospects into buyers.

That’s why it’s important to start sending out RFP’s (requests for proposal) to rendering studios as soon as possible. You don’t need too much detail just to request a proposal, so it is easy to get an early start on this crucial first step. You only need a basic outline of your project’s scope, pricepoint, and timeframe; as soon as you have compiled this information, it’s safe to begin reaching out to expert firms. 

Know What You Want

After you hire a studio to produce your 3D visuals, you will need to provide your rendering company with more detailed information about your project. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what you need. Consider the ideal audience for your property, and begin to plan how you wish to represent the space to this audience.

The more information you can provide to the rendering company at this crucial stage of information gathering, the more likely you will arrive at the perfect 3D rendering to fit your multifamily property’s brand. If you don’t provide sufficient, or sufficiently detailed, information during this stage, your project risks requiring revisions that can potentially cost time and money. The best way to prevent 3D rendering revisions is to provide detailed information about your needs and goals before the project is drafted.

Make Collaboration A Priority

Any time you are ordering multifamily real-estate renderings, communication is key. Miscommunication, or lack of communication, between renderers and developers can lead to costly misunderstandings or misrepresentations of a property. That’s why it’s crucial to collaborate with your rendering company throughout the process of ordering multifamily real-estate renderings. 

To optimize collaboration, make sure you are working with a rendering company that values your feedback. Here at Digital-X, for instance, our system is designed to prioritize client collaboration at every stage of the production process. Our process allows you to participate in every phase of your rendering’s development from start to finish, so you get exactly the results you need.  Additionally, we routinely work with other project consultants (interior designers, landscape architects, etc) so that we are eliminating “middlemen”, saving time, and gathering the most current and accurate information. 

Our team of experts at Digital-X represent decades of experience in serving multifamily property owners and developers. We have the know-how, the tech, and the talent that you need to represent your multifamily property with detailed, cutting-edge renderings. Book a consultation to learn more, and get started with the process of ordering multifamily real estate renderings today. 


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