Why VR Tours Are The Future Of Multi-Family Real Estate

Why VR Tours Are The Future Of Multi-Family Real Estate

VR is leading the way in 2020s tech across the board of all industries, and multi-family real estate is no exception. Industry leaders have noted that as VR technology expands, 3D virtual walk-through tours are transforming from a luxe bonus to a competitive necessity in this fast paced industry. Here are some reasons you should consider integrating VR tours into your multi-family property sales strategy. 

VR Tours are a Cost Efficient Investment

The term “Virtual Reality” may seem like a silicon valley buzzword, associated with unattainable production costs. Certainly, in the early days of VR technologies, these virtual tours were quite pricey.  However, many industry experts are observing that, these days, VR tours can actually save you money in the long run. VR Tours allow you to showcase potential updates or changes before you have invested money in these updates and cut back on the staffing costs of in-person tours, both of which can save you money overtime.

Furthermore, VR is simply a smart investment. By 22, VR technologies are technologies are predicted to become a $209.2 billion industry. If you choose to leverage VR tour technologies in your leasing strategy now, you invest in one of the most expansive and profitable industries in real-estate to date.

Consumers Want VR Tours

According to Google, 67% of people want more virtual reality tours. These potential customers are going to automatically gravitate towards businesses that offer VR options, so it’s important that your business keeps up with evolving consumer needs. For busy families, touring multiple apartments in person is often inconvenient at best or, at worst, entirely unfeasible.

You don’t want to lose potential customers just because they don’t have the time or travel capacities to book an in-person tour. VR Tours can give customers the full experience of moving through your property in real-time, answering their most pressing questions about the way your space looks and feels, leading to real results. According to apartments.com, apartments listed with a 3D tour option receive 49% more inquiries.

VR Tours Amplify Your Marketing Strategies

Research clearly shows that VR tours generate greater traffic to real estate websites, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers. Since virtual reality technology is exciting, vibrant, and new, seeing a VR tour options can capture viewer attention instantly. In fact, when embedded into a website,  VR Tour options have been shown to increase page views up to 30%.

Integrating VR tours into your social media strategies can be another excellent way to divert consumer traffic to your website, and adding VR tours to outreach emails boosts your chances of continuing correspondence with potential customers.

In our current era of social distancing, VR Tours are even more essential to marketing; clients may be hesitant to meet with you in-person, but advertising the option to schedule live virtual tours lets consumers know that you will still take the time to work with them one-on-one and personally in a creative digital space.

The future is here, and it’s virtual. To make sure your leasing strategies can keep the pace in a rapidly changing digital market, start planning a VR tour option for your properties today with the help of the expert 3D rendering experience of the designers at DigitalX.