5 Strategies For Outstanding 3D Renderings

 5 Strategies For Outstanding 3D Renderings

If you’re a multifamily owner or property developer, you should know that 3D renderings can make or break the way you represent your project to potential prospects. An excellent 3D rendering gives the viewer an immersive experience, encouraging prospects to picture themselves making a life in your property. However, a less-than-excellent rendering can disappoint prospects who might be ideal residents. Here are five strategies to consider to ensure that your renderings maximize the appeal of your property:

Light it Up:

You might not consider lighting when creating a virtual image, but it’s a big mistake to overlook this crucial component of accurately reflecting your property.

To make sure that you realistically capture the lighting of the room, it is vital that you work with experts who understand the physics of real world lighting and also know how to make their software reproduce this in a way that flatters your spaces. Our team of artists at Digital-X know the secrets to crafting top-quality renderings that effectively represent the best qualities of both natural and artificial lighting.

Visualize Your Perfect Prospect

Perhaps the most important part of creating any rendering is to get a detailed idea of your ideal resident. It’s time to think about the demographics of the perfect prospects for your property. Who are they? What do they need, want, and enjoy?

It’s likely that your company already has demographic data on your prospects gathered for advertising and construction purposes- neglecting to consider this data when designing your renderings misses out on a huge opportunity to relate to a potential buying audience.

Embrace Authenticity:

architectural 3d renderingWhile, of course, you want to depict your property in the best possible light, nothing good can come from overediting your renderings to the point that they no longer accurately reflect the way the property looks. To target your ideal prospects, it’s best to present your property accurately and realistically, and not in any way that’s misleading.

A perfect example of this is an interior photo or rendering which has a falsified view out the windows.  It’s quite easy, even for the untrained eye, to recognize the bright blue sky and crooked perspective of a Photoshopped view out the window.  This leaves prospects wondering what really exists outside their window, and asking themselves, “what are they trying to hide from me?”  Trust has already been lost.  

Find more authentic ways to minimize flaws and emphasize your assets and amenities.  Authenticity and transparency will help ensure that you secure prospects who truly love your property and in return evangelize for you.

Magnify Space:

Ideal 3D renderings should flatter your property by taking space into consideration. It’s important to prioritize angles which maximize the visibility of living space. If the rendering point-of-view angle is below the natural eye-level of a viewer walking through the room in real life, for instance, this will fully showcase the spatial potential of a room.

Engaging your viewers’ imaginations is essential to get them thinking about actually living in your property; by using a low-angled rendering, you encourage prospects to start visualizing the possibilities of what they could do with all that space.

Put Quality First:

If you’re seeking multifamily renderings, you will certainly notice that there are a vast array of virtual rendering services available all over the web. However, it’s important to know that not all 3D renderings are made equally. Fast, cheap, and low quality renderings won’t give you the benefits that you’re looking for, and may even cause your property to appear strange and off-putting to your prospects.

It’s important to do your research before hiring a rendering company to ensure that your property will get the quality representation it deserves. With Digital-X, you can be assured that our team of experts never compromises on quality; contact us to learn how you can get outstanding multifamily 3D renderings.