Three Ways to Incentivize Pre-Construction Prospects

Three Ways to Incentivize Pre-Construction Prospects

In the multifamily development industry, it’s crucial to begin getting prospective residents to sign leases as early as possible. Luckily, digital technologies are creating a world in which you can provide viewers an immersive experience of your property before construction is ever completed. To maximize leads for your pre-construction leases, try these three key visual strategies: 

  1. Use High-Quality 3D Renderings

3D renderings have revolutionized the industry of pre-construction marketing for multifamily properties. Before this technology, it was impossible for prospects to truly get a sense of the space before it was constructed. Today, however, 3D renderings have evolved to accurately represent indoor spaces down to the finest detail including surface texture, precise color matching, and accurate lighting. 

Visually engaging 3D renderings on a company’s home page can activate viewers’ interest in a property, leading them to picture themselves moving through and living in the space even before its construction is completed. With confidence in how their space will look and be experienced, prospects are more willing to commit during the lease-up period. 

  1. Try Digital Staging

3d multifamily renderingsAnother notable bonus of a 3D rendering is the potential for what is known as “digital staging.” One of the most frustrating aspects of marketing properties that are pre-construction or under construction is that it can be difficult to show potential prospects how the space will look when furnished. This is an especially crucial part of the marketing process; prospects are much more likely to commit to a property if it is furnished, or if they can see how furnishings fit into the rooms.

Digital staging takes care of this pre-construction conundrum. Using a photograph or 3D rendering of your space, digital stagers can edit the image with high-quality, realistic furnishings. An unfurnished room can appear bleak and unwelcoming, but a room full of beautifully designed furniture is somewhere your multifamily prospects will be able to picture themselves living happy and comfortable lives.

  1. Don’t Forget About Video

While still 3D images are always a great option for any developer or property owner seeking to accurately represent pre-construction spaces to clients, video tours can take this representation to the next level. When we interact with a space in real life, one of the most essential parts of this interaction is movement- how we move through a space can define our experience of a property.

3D animated video walkthroughs can seamlessly guide your prospects through the experience of moving around a property, accurately reflecting how the space looks and feels. These videos will also help to revitalize your company’s image, catching viewers’ attention, generating those crucial clicks and leads, propelling your company’s brand across the web, stirring up site-traffic from across the globe.

3D digital renderings open up a whole new world of innovative pre-construction digital marketing strategies for multifamily properties. You don’t have to wait until your property is complete to start generating leads. To see what 3D renderings can do for your property’s digital image, contact our team of rendering experts at Digital-X to get started today.